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Nail Polish Trends 2022: These 5 Brightly Colored Polishes Are Now In


Do you love bright nail polishes? Then you absolutely have to try these 5 trend colors for summer 2022!

Nail Polish Trends 2022: These 5 Brightly Colored Polishes are Now IN
What bright colors do we wear on our nails in summer?

Nail Polish Trends 2022: These 5 Brightly Colored Polishes are Now IN
Orange nail polish is very trendy right now.

Summer and brightly colored nail polish just go perfectly together. Whether it's on your fingernails or toenails, a little color looks great with tanned skin. We'll tell you without which 5 bright colors nothing works in summer 2022!

These brightly colored nail polishes are the trend of summer 2022

1. Orange

Orange is the trend color of the season. At the moment we see them everywhere and are in love with the bright color. It looks particularly beautiful with natural tones such as beige, but it is also a great contrast to black or white. And our nails are now shining in the summery color.

2. Royal Blue

Royal blue is also very popular right now. The rich deep blue was once reserved for the nobility, which fortunately has changed nowadays. Now everyone can wear the radiant color and royal blue also looks great on the nails. It's the perfect summer color and looks particularly beautiful in combination with white or bright colors like yellow, green, or pink.

3. Pink

Pink fingernails just never go out of style. Especially in summer, the color simply puts you in a good mood and goes with many outfits. That's what makes pink so popular. Whether bright or rich tones, the main thing is loud, that's the motto now!


4. Green

Now let it bang! Squeaky green or neon green nail polish is all the rage right now. Many celebrities and influencers are also celebrating the trend and are wearing green on their fingernails. Tip: Be sure to combine it with clothing in simple tones so that the nails come into their own and do not clash with the outfit.

5. Yellow

With bright shades of yellow on our nails, we're competing with the sun to shine. The radiant yellow looks particularly great with summery tanned skin and spices up simple outfits in no time.

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