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Hair Color Of The Stars: Black-Brown Is Trendy


Stars love this hair color: All about the hip black-brown...

But that is …? You almost have to look twice at the moment: In recent months, more and more famous beauties have made radical changes when it comes to hair color and dyed their light lengths a deep dark, rich black-brown.

Hair Color of The Stars: Black-Brown is Trendy
Billie Eilish is already wearing it, the trend color of the stars: black-brown.

The end of the long-standing blonde hype on red carpets and catwalks had already been announced with the recently trending "expensive brunette" in the medium brown range. However, the current shades of brown are even darker and more mysterious.

For anyone wanting to go dark, we asked a top New York colorist how to pull off the look.

Trend color for the hair: Stars like Katy Perry or Billie Eilish love black-brown

Hair Color of The Stars: Black-Brown is Trendy
Hair Color of The Stars: Black-Brown is Trendy
Instagram: @katyperry

Gion Vincent, hairstylist and coloration virtuoso from New York, explains: “The new tone is intended to go back to naturalness. Nobody wants to see anything more of hard, growing approaches.”

A positive side effect according to the expert: "The dark brunette is not only easier to dye, but also much healthier for the hair because it needs less chemical treatment. In addition, due to the pandemic, we were unable to travel or go out. Boredom gave many people the courage to make changes.”

Hair Color of The Stars: Black-Brown is Trendy
Instagram: @billieeilish

Who does the new dark hair trend represent?

The pro: "Anyone who longs for a small or even big change can try the tone." For natural brunettes, the step to a darker nuance is an easy one. Blondes and redheads, on the other hand, need someone with a lot of knowledge at their side.

"Dying blonde hair deep dark requires a sure instinct and then a lot of discipline when it comes to hair care," says the colorist. "The light roots that grow out can quickly make the hair look thinner than it is overall. Blondes have to have a touch-up every four weeks.”

If the change is too extreme for you, you can also take the trend in a softer direction: “When coloring, stick to your own color family and ask your hairdresser to streak very fine, dark low-lights into your hair instead of a complete coloration. This also picks up on the current trend, creating depth and dimension without appearing too hard or unnatural.”

Who does the new dark hair trend represent? | Hair Color of The Stars: Black-Brown is Trendy
Instagram: @karliekloss

Can you color the trend yourself?

It all depends, explains the pro with VIP clients like Taylor Tomasi Hill. “If your hair is untreated, meaning you wear your natural hair color, you can also dye the dark brunette yourself at home. Go for color with lustrous pigments that will make your freshly colored lengths shine,” advises Gion Vincent.

"If your hair is chemically treated, i.e. already colored or highlighted, I would strongly advise going to the hairdresser for the trendy look. Chemically treated hair reacts uncontrollably to coloring compared to natural hair. Bleached hair, for example, often turns darker or even more mottled than untreated hair. Your hairstylist can respond to the chemical history of the hair and fine-tune whether the tone should shine more intensely or subtly in the hair.”

The right undertone of the new hair color also plays a role: “If you have olive skin, for example, it is good to wear the trend with a warm undertone. A fair skin tone looks great with cooler, neutral undertones.”

Jessica Alba wore the trend early on:

Can you color the trend yourself? | Hair Color of The Stars: Black-Brown is Trendy
Instagram: @jessicaalba

How do you care about the new trend of hair color?

Color protection and hair care are an absolute must, especially now in summer: "The sun notoriously turns brunette hair into the red zone, so I highly recommend a hat or a scarf in your hair when you go to the beach."

Gion Vincent recommends special color washes for care: "One of my favorite shampoos to prevent color fading is Redken's 'Color Extend Brownlights Blue Shampoo'. It stops brunettes from fading and is a quick and easy way to refresh color between visits to the salon.”

By the way: Straightened hair reflects the light most beautifully. If you prefer waves or curls, you can enhance the well-groomed shine with a shine spray that protects against UV rays.

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