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Wavy Instead Of Straight: We Love Jennifer Aniston'S Natural Summer Hairstyle


Jennifer Aniston is usually known for straight hair. Your new summer hairstyle only really becomes an eye-catcher with its natural hair structure.

Wavy Instead of Straight: We Love Jennifer Aniston's Natural Summer Hairstyle
This is how you know Jennifer Aniston: with straight hair.

When it comes to hairstyles, Jennifer Aniston rarely embarks on experiments. She just knows what suits her and stays true to the sleek sleek look and her signature layered haircut (also known as the Rachel cut since the "Friends" era). Just in time for summer, the 53-year-old surprises us with a new hairstyle - and it looks wonderfully relaxed and natural.

Aniston's new summer haircut

Aniston's longtime trusted hair stylist, Chris McMillan, shares the actress' latest look on his Instagram account: a cool summer hairstyle that showcases Aniston's natural hair texture, which is soft curls.

Aniston's new summer haircut | Wavy Instead of Straight: We Love Jennifer Aniston's Natural Summer Hairstyle
Instagram: @mrchrismcmillan

The hair reaches just below the shoulders and is slightly layered, and the deep side parting ensures a casual “undone” look as if Aniston had just run a hand through her hair. The Hollywood star has stayed true to her summer highlights in honey blonde.

The less complicated, the better

The hair professional explains under the photo: "There is nothing better than a fresh summer haircut!" His advice: A good cut should do the work (i.e. the styling) more or less by itself so that you only have to wash your hair and it then falls naturally without much effort.

Incidentally, to showcase her hair beautifully, Chris McMillan used a detangling and shine-boosting styling spray from Aniston's own hair care brand Lolavie. The products are not available in Germany, but detangling and shine sprays are also available from other brands such as Tangle Teezer, Color Wow, and many more.

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