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Does Short Hair Suit Me? Find Out With These Tips!


A short hairstyle is a big change. Are you perhaps thinking about this step right now? Every now and then, as a woman, you ask yourself: "Does short hair suit me?". To help you decide, we got to the bottom of the question and provide you with tips and a simple trick to find out whether short hair is something for you.

Does Short Hair Suit Me? Find Out with These Tips!

Many women want long hair. But most women with a long mane keep toying with the idea of ​​finally cutting off the long strands and rocking a cool short hairstyle. For some, this may already be a long bob, for others the classic pixie cut is more important than a typical short haircut.

Depending on how long your hair was before, the step will of course seem particularly drastic to you. Sometimes you even have to muster all the courage. Short hair is one of the most beautiful hairstyles that really accentuates our faces and gives us a whole new sense of self. Change is always a little scary, but it's usually worth it!

Of course, we also ask ourselves: Does short hair suit me at all? Here's the good news: Short hairstyles suit almost every woman. Ultimately, it always comes down to what you personally like. No matter how loud the whole world could yell "You can't wear that with a round face", what really matters is that you love your hairstyle and you feel good about it!

Which hair structure harmonizes with short hair?

While the assumption that short hair and curls don't go together is often held true, we know that short hairstyles with curls are absolutely trendy! Whether defined curls or wavy hair - the natural hair structure is welcome to come to the fore with short hair.

In fact, there are specific cuts that are perfect for curls and tease them out even better. Layered short hairstyles like a shaggy bob or a curly pixie are on the agenda here! If you want to style your curls differently from time to time, then of course you have to invest some time in styling. Smoothing and Co. takes time. But this way you definitely always have a changeable hairstyle!

Straight hair can easily be cut into any short hairstyle. Naturally, straight hair is often quite thin. Short hairstyles are more suitable for fine hair than almost any other hairstyle. Thanks to the short cut, the long, thin hair no longer hangs flat. A cheeky short haircut gives your fine hair more volume.

Thick hair, on the other hand, is deprived of volume with a short cut. For those who struggle with the mass of hair (especially in summer), short hair will give them ease.

Which short hairstyle suits which face shape?

As already mentioned: No matter what shape your face has, whether round, oval, square, heart-shaped, or long, the short hair suits everyone. Because there is a suitable short hairstyle for every face shape, which brings out the facial features particularly beautifully.

Which short hairstyle suits which face shape? | Does Short Hair Suit Me? Find Out with These Tips!
Classic pixie cuts accentuate round faces.

For example, a short pixie looks particularly good on a round face. The short cut allows the focus to be on the face. In combination with a slanted fringe, this hairstyle looks super stylish on round faces.

Layers look great on women with oval faces. A layered bob cut like the "shaggy bob" flatters the oval face shape.

Which short hairstyle suits which face shape? | Does Short Hair Suit Me? Find Out with These Tips!
Slight waves and side partings soften features on angular faces.

For square faces, you can decide whether you want to accentuate your angular facial features or rather soften them. If the latter is the case, blunt bob with a side parting fits extremely well. Light curls and waves that gently caress the face also contribute to more softness. Would you like to put your distinctive facial features in focus? Then a long pixie cut makes your corners and edges shine.

Which short hairstyle suits which face shape? | Does Short Hair Suit Me? Find Out with These Tips!
Super short bob hairstyles accentuate the cheekbones on heart-shaped faces.

Heart-shaped faces usually have particularly high cheekbones. You can skilfully stage this if you decide on a "Little Bob". This short hairstyle is also known as a French bob and reflects the elegant casualness of the French. It ends at a maximum chin height but is primarily worn even shorter so that it plays slightly around your cheekbones.

Full bangs look great on long faces. They help balance the proportions of the face. A long bob paired with full, straight bangs is perfect for oblong faces.

Does short hair suit me? You can calculate it with this formula

If you want to figure out if you'd rather cut your hair a little shorter the next time you go to the hairdresser, all you have to do in the future is apply the 2.25-inch rule.

To measure it yourself, all you need is a ruler and a pen. Place the pen horizontally under your chin and position the ruler vertically under your ear.

If the distance between the chin and the earlobes is less than 5.7 cm, short hair would look great on you. Any distance greater than this makes long hair look better. Ultimately, it is the angle of the chin that decides whether short hair suits us or not.

British hair stylist John Frieda discovered this trick after taking a closer look at many faces.

Short hair is a self-confidence booster

But not only face shape and hair structure are decisive for how well a short hairstyle goes down with you. The type is also essential for charisma if you should decide on a short hairstyle. Anyone who has ever let themselves be carried away head over heels into cutting their hair short knows that a short haircut is not just a different hairstyle, but a complete change of personality. So be aware that you will see yourself in a whole new light with your new hairstyle. Maybe the cut even gives you more self-confidence. One thing is certain, your charisma will adapt to the new haircut.


Short hairstyles are not only trendy but also practical

A short haircut is not only always trendy, but also has some other positive characteristics. In addition to the great new look that the wearer's short hair gives, easy styling is also a huge advantage.

A short hairstyle such as a garcon cut or pixie cut can be styled particularly quickly in the morning, depending on the length. It is often enough to pluck or lay the hair with a little hair gel. A short bob hairstyle, on the other hand, requires a little more styling effort (at least if you prefer to straighten your natural hair texture or add curls). Either way, hair care will also go a lot faster. Washing your hair is faster, drying your hair with a hair dryer or without is significantly shorter, and annoying knots no longer have to be brushed out.

If you want a cool style and easy styling, dare to take the step and have the perfect short haircut cut at the hairdresser.

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