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Perfect Manicure In 3 Minutes With This Trick


Do you love manicured nails, but don't want to invest a lot of money and effort? Then you'll love this manicure trend: nail wraps are quick to apply at home, look great, and last up to two weeks.

Perfect Manicure in 3 Minutes with This Trick
Is love done nails? With nail foils, these are done in no time.

Perfect Manicure in 3 Minutes with This Trick
Incidentally, nail foils can also be used on toenails.

Manicure trend nail foils

Styled nails are a chic detail that has a huge impact on our overall look. But having artificial nails done costs a lot of money, and constantly repainting yourself takes a lot of effort.

New trend: A great alternative! Self-adhesive nail foils look like nail polish but are applied precisely in no time. We reveal what's behind the manicure trend.

What are nail wraps?

Beautiful nails quickly and easily: That's what nail foil promises, also known as nail wraps. The new manicure trend is similar to the well-known adhesive nails, with the difference that it is a kind of sticker. The flexible film comes in all sorts of colors and patterns - just like nail polish. The self-adhesive nail wraps are then simply stuck onto the fingernails and hey presto - that's it!

Benefits of Nail Foil

Nail foils promise many advantages: They can be applied cheaply and easily at home, so you can save yourself a visit to the nail salon.

In contrast to classic nail polish, they are much quicker and less complicated to apply because you don't have to brush or wait for drying times.

The durability of the nail foils also has an advantage over the classic manicure: Depending on the manufacturer, they should last up to 14 days.

Apply nail foil: This is how it works

The application of the nail foils is very easy and is done in no time.

  1. First, clean your hands and nails and then dry them well.
  2. Now choose the right size for your fingernail from the desired model. If you're hesitating between two, take the smaller one.
  3. Peel off the nail foil and place it on the bottom edge of the nail. Smooth out the sides of the film as you stick it on and press everything down firmly (important for the film to last a long time).
  4. Now cut off the protruding nail foil and file again if necessary (only from top to bottom). Finished!

Tip: If you want to extend the durability of your nail foil, you can also seal it with a top coat. A suitable varnish is often included in a nail foil starter set.


Remove nail foil

The nail foils can be removed with normal nail polish remover. We recommend a remover with acetone, which is particularly reliable. Let the nail foil work under a soaked cotton pad until you can push it off.

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