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Apply Sunscreen: You Should Avoid This Mistake At All Costs


Good sun protection is the most important thing for the skin in summer! Do you still have sunscreens from last year that you use? Researchers advise against it! We reveal what is behind the study and what you should look out for when buying sunscreen.

Apply Sunscreen: You Should Avoid This Mistake at All Costs
According to a study, old sun creams can contain dangerous substances.

Apply Sunscreen: You Should Avoid This Mistake at All Costs
We reveal what you need to pay attention to so that you can enjoy your sunbath with peace of mind.

Scientists advise against old sunscreens

The study was published by French scientists in the journal "Chemical Research in Toxicology". According to them, many conventional sun creams contain the substance octocrylene, which serves as a UV filter in many products. Over time, however, this develops into the carcinogenic substance benzophenone. As the sunscreen ages, so does the concentration of the substance in the sunscreen – according to the results. It is, therefore, best to dispose of old sunscreens if they contain octocrylene.

3 tips for optimal sun protection

Is it also possible without dangerous substances? After all, sunscreen should protect and not endanger your own health. We reveal what you should pay attention to.

1. Rely on natural cosmetic products

Natural cosmetics usually do without chemical UV filters. Therefore, you can confidently use them for more than one season. More expensive at first, it is worth it when the sun protection can be used for a longer period of time and does not have to be thrown away.

2. Pay attention to the expiration date

Also, pay attention to the expiry date for products without octocrylene. Sun creams can lose their effectiveness over time and severe sunburn is considered no less unhealthy. Therefore: Before sunbathing, check whether you are really adequately protected.


3. Sunscreen serums don't leave a white film

Natural cosmetic products are criticized because they leave a film on the skin. You don't have this problem with sunscreen serums. They can also be integrated into your own facial and body care products.

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