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3 Flash Hairstyles For Wedding Guests


Have you been invited to a wedding and are still looking for a nice hairstyle to go with your outfit? Here you will find three chic lightning hairstyles that are easy to achieve.

3 Flash Hairstyles for Wedding Guests
Whether open or closed hair: be inspired by these three lightning hairstyles for the wedding.

Do you have a dress, the right shoes and jewelry, and would you like to add the finishing touch to your wedding guest outfit? Then you are in the right place with these three beautiful hairstyles. They round off every look perfectly, do not require great hair styling skills - and best of all: they also succeed in a flash!

Low Ponytail with a twist

Low Ponytail with a twist | 3 Flash Hairstyles for Wedding Guests



If you are considering a ponytail for the wedding, then you should not choose the classic version, but rather try this stylish ponytail with a twist. How are you? Gather your hair back. Section off the top section of hair and gather it into a loose ponytail with the hair tie. Then use your fingers to part the tied hair above the hair tie in the middle to create a hole and twist the section of hair 180 degrees once. Then pull the open hair through the center hole, done.

Knotted Bun

Knotted bun | 3 Flash Hairstyles for Wedding Guests



Would you like to wear a bun with your wedding guest look? Then we have the perfect option for you. Pull your hair back and put it in a ponytail. However, do not pull the hair lengths all the way through, just form a loop with the hair. Then divide the hanging lengths in the middle and twist both sections of hair. Then take the twisted strands up and cross them once as if you were tying a knot. Then bring the two strands back down, cross them over again if possible and pin the lengths well with hair clips.

Hair loose with knots

Hair loose with knots | 3 Flash Hairstyles for Wedding Guests



If you prefer to wear your hair down, you can add extra sophistication to the mane by styling part of the hair into a chic bun. To do this, section off the top section of hair and tie it into a loose ponytail. Pin forward with a bobby pin, then tie the middle layer of hair into a loose loop. Untie the ponytail and pull the open lengths of it through the loop. Shape the knot and secure it with bobby pins.

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