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Hair Trend: Most Beautiful Lob For All Ages


The long bob, also known as the lob, suits women of all ages thanks to its timelessness. Here are the most beautiful variants for all age groups.

Hair Trend: Most Beautiful LOB for All Ages
The lob is popular with many women.

The lob is a haircut that simply works on any woman and always looks amazing. It is especially perfect when you cannot decide between long and short hair. Then choose the golden mean! The long bob is unique and looks great with every hair structure and face shape. It flatters both oval faces and round face shapes. It suits both thick and thin hair. The length can also be varied. Either wear it a little shorter, lying exactly on the shoulder, or a little longer, up to the collarbone.

The praise is popular everywhere

Women all over the world are proof of this. Above all, many actresses, models, and presenters rely on the summery all-rounder hairstyle. To prove it, we show you four women between the ages of 20 and 60 who, with different face shapes and hair textures, are equally rocking the lob:

20-30 years: Zendaya

20-30 years: Zendaya | Hair Trend: Most Beautiful LOB for All Ages
Zendaya wears a longer form of Lob.

Emerging actress Zendaya, 25, was spotted in an all-over pink look ahead of the Valentino show during Paris Fashion Week recently. She wore a lob! For a long time, the actress was seen with long, wild, and curly hair, but now Zendaya decided to change her hairstyle. The long bob in soft brown with a side parting suits the 25-year-old perfectly, in our opinion. It flatters your face and is summery and dynamic.

30-40 years: Gal Gadot

30-40 years: Gal Gadot | Hair Trend: Most Beautiful LOB for All Ages
Gal opted for a shorter version that rests on the shoulder.

Gal Gadot is a model and actress and is known, among other things, from the film "Red Notice". The brunette also wears the trendy lob! The 37-year-old, like Zendaya, opted for a deep side parting. This looks particularly fresh and modern. We think the long bob looks great on Gal Gadot!

40-50 years: Kelly Washington

40-50 years: Kelly Washington | Hair Trend: Most Beautiful LOB for All Ages
Kelly chooses an in-between length that reaches just below the collarbone.

The 45-year-old actress Kelly Washington proves that praise also looks great on women between 40 and 50. She opted for middle parting and light beach waves. Thanks to its practical length, the long bob is ideal for light waves. This always looks incredibly natural and immediately gives the hair more volume and a nice swing.


50 – 60 years: Veronica Ferres

50 – 60 years: Veronica Ferres | Hair Trend: Most Beautiful LOB for All Ages
Veronica usually wears the short version, where the hair is worn at shoulder length.

German actress Veronica Ferres has been wearing a lob for a long time. She likes to play between the individual structures and sometimes wears her hair straight, sometimes curly, or sometimes wavy. The parting of the 57-year-old is actually always in the middle. You can see that this hairstyle always provides a nice volume due to its dynamic. You can also have the lob cut in stages, for example, which gives the hair even more grip.

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