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Care For Hair In Summer: These 7 Mistakes Should Be Avoided


Care for beautiful hair in summer: These are the 7 biggest mistakes to avoid at the pool or beach...

Most of us impatiently look forward to summertime and the holiday that goes with it, at the latest when the first rays of sunshine of the year appear. Whether it's lounging by the pool, enjoying the fresh sea air on the beach, or sipping an Aperol Spritz on a patio, we naturally prefer to spend the warmer months outdoors.

Care for Hair in Summer: These 7 Mistakes Should Be Avoided
Take care of your skin in summer? Essential! But hair care is at least as important. We tell you the 7 most common mistakes to avoid for healthy hair.

What is wonderfully good for our soul can, however, demand a lot from our hair. After all, sun, chlorine, and saltwater are not the BFFs of a healthy head of hair - the effects often show up in the fall in the form of dehydrated, lackluster, and straw-like hair. We tell you the seven most common mistakes that you can easily avoid.

For healthy hair in summer: You should avoid these 7 mistakes

Mistake 1: Not combing your hair after bathing

You've heard it a lot: Hair is particularly sensitive when it's wet and so-called wet brushing can damage the hair. Nonetheless, after bathing in the pool or sea, one should gently detangle the hair with a comb or a brush, otherwise, knots will form which will damage it all the more. The important thing is the technique from bottom to top: first the tips, then the lengths, and in the last step the roots.

Mistake 2: Not using moisturizer

This tip is also essential for the previous point: spray the hair with a moisturizing spray before detangling or applying a nourishing leave-in product. Ideally, it also contains an SPF that protects the scalp and hair from the sun's rays.

2. Mistake: Not using moisturizer | Care for Hair in Summer: These 7 Mistakes Should Be Avoided
Pamper your hair with a nourishing, moisturizing product after every swim in the pool, and then gently brush it out.

Mistake 3: Not washing your hair after bathing

An absolute no-go in summer? Do not rinse your hair thoroughly after bathing. While this is not possible on some beaches, if there is a shower, be sure to wash the salt water out of your hair. Even worse, however, is the chlorine contained in swimming pools, which can have unpleasant surprises in store, especially for colored and lightened hair. Blonde hair in particular can suddenly turn green and lose its shine.


Mistake 4: Using hair masks as sunscreen

Contrary to a common myth, hair masks are not suitable for sun protection. They can even damage hair further if left on for too long and left exposed to the sun. Especially if it is not clear which ingredients are contained in the product, it is better to keep your hands off this curious DIY tip. Better yet, to protect hair (and that sensitive scalp!) from the sun—and thus from fading, drying out, and irritation—you can resort to hats, baseball caps, and silk scarves.

Mistake 4: Using hair masks as sunscreen | Care for Hair in Summer: These 7 Mistakes Should Be Avoided
It is better to avoid major changes such as very layered haircuts and extreme hair colors shortly before the summer vacation.

Mistake 5: Getting a fringy haircut before going to the beach

If you want the beach look with correspondingly wavy hair on holiday, layered and fringed hairstyles à la shag are not so well suited. The reason? Only when the hair ends are healthy do they naturally wave through salt water, sea air, and the like. Sharp-edged hair ends, however, fight back and the hair can quickly appear flat and without volume.

Mistake 6: Experimenting with extreme hair colors

There are often a few beautifying treatments before the summer vacation so that we feel completely at ease there. This includes pedicures, manicures, and sometimes even a visit to the hairdresser. What you should avoid, however, is to indulge in a complete type change including extreme hair color - for example from dark brown to platinum blonde. Our hair is already stressed enough by the sun, pool, and sea.

Mistake 7: Not washing your hair thoroughly

Sounds logical, and yet: For healthy, shiny, and well-groomed hair during and especially after the summer vacation, it is necessary to wash your hair thoroughly after every beach or pool day. Especially deep cleansing and detox shampoos are recommended to carefully remove residue and chemicals from the hair.

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