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Hair Color Trends 2022: These Nuances Are Now Popular


Fancy a type change? We show you the most important hair color trends and coloring techniques for 2022. What is your favorite look?

Hair Color Trends 2022: These Nuances are Now Popular

From subtle, naturally shiny hair colors to strong color accents, this year's hair color trends are wonderfully multifaceted. It doesn't always have to be a radical change. Even a few colored new highlights in the hair can provide a fresh attitude towards life.

Nevertheless, the desired color should be well thought out and optimally match your skin and hair type. So let your trusted hair salon advise you on which of the various trend nuances would look good on you and not damage your hair too much. Because the most beautiful hair color is of no use to you if the mane does not look healthy afterward.

It doesn't matter whether you have blonde, red or dark hair - the different hair color trends show once again how diverse beauty is. But which nuances are exactly in trend in 2022 and which are best suited for which natural tone?

Warm shades of blonde

Caramel or rather honey blonde? Fans of natural blonde tones will get their money's worth this year. Warm bleaches that create multi-faceted reflections in the hair are hot. When it comes to balayage and highlights, you can also use different nuances so that the mane gets a high-contrast, soft finish.

The trend is suitable for people with naturally blonde or brunette hair. Thanks to the warm shades, brunette hair is gently lightened and given naturally luminous reflections. Blondes can try this trend too. Because with the help of warm covers you have a great change on your head.

But beware: If you have very light skin that also tends to redness, you should better avoid these nuances and instead use colors that match the cool undertone of your skin. However, people with an even complexion can test the color trend, because it makes blue and green eyes shine beautifully.

Warm shades of blonde | Hair Color Trends 2022: These Nuances are Now Popular
Instagram: @schwarzkopf

Expensive Brown

If you prefer to wear your hair darker, you can also use warm shades in the brunette color palette. From light toffee tones to medium mocha tones or rather dark chocolate brown, there is something for every brunette mane - or those who want to become one. The rich color tones look particularly luxurious and noble when dyed uniformly. So it's no wonder that these trend nuances are also referred to as Expensive Brown.

Alternatively, you can also opt for red-brown reflections in your hair or give your brown hair a sun-kissed look with the still popular balayage technique. If you already have naturally brown hair, you can also regularly give your locks a glossing treatment to intensify the color and make it shine again.

Expensive Brown | Hair Color Trends 2022: These Nuances are Now Popular
Instagram: @lorealparis

Cool vanilla blonde

Of course, blondes and beauty fans of cool hair colors don't miss out on our trend radar either. In 2022, a vanilla blonde tone is also popular. This creamy shade of blonde looks beautifully natural but still has an intense finish. Incidentally, the nuance is perfect for giving ashy or graying hair a blonde upgrade. If the color is still a bit too yellowish for you, you can choose an even cooler ice blonde as an alternative.

Cool vanilla blonde | Hair Color Trends 2022: These Nuances are Now Popular
Instagram: @schwarzkopf

When bleaching, you can also use trendy mono coloring instead of highlights. The hair is completely lightened and dyed uniformly in the desired trend nuance. However, you should definitely invest in a good care treatment so that the hair does not dry out. Because bleached hair needs care. On the other hand, you can save time when re-dyeing. Because for a hip look, the roots that have grown out are allowed to flash out.

For fans of blonde highlights, on the other hand, we can recommend this color trend: hair frosting. Even if the name suggests it, the hair is not subjected to cold application. With hair frosting, the hair is dyed in cool shades of blonde using the highlighting technique, creating a beautiful contrast to the basic shade of the hair – similar to winter frost on the dark earth.

Red tones in copper

Do you love red hair and always wanted to be a redhead? Then now is the right time. Because with the trendy red tones in light copper nuances you can make a real color statement. This shade is particularly suitable for people with naturally blonde hair, as they take on the light red tone well.

If you have dark hair and still want to go all out with a bright red mane, you can alternatively use intense dark red. Or you can get advice in the hair studio as to whether the copper tone can be achieved by lightening the hair beforehand - without damaging your mane too much. Since the reddish nuances, unfortunately, wash out quickly, it is essential to use care products, especially for colored hair.

Red tones in copper | Hair Color Trends 2022: These Nuances are Now Popular
Instagram: @got2b

Red, blonde, or a rather Expensive Brown - now you're spoiled for choice. Our recommendation: let yourself be inspired by the trends and get advice on your desired color from styling professionals. Also helpful: If in doubt, sleep on it for a night or two before making a decision. Then nothing stands in the way of a change in the form of new hair color.

Something important at the end: The topic of hair care is always very individual. Only you can judge whether the tips we describe or the products we present work for you. If you suffer from persistent hair or scalp problems, it may be advisable to see a skin specialist.

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