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Babylights: Perfect Highlights For A Natural Look Jessica Kuehne


Say goodbye to thick block strands in your hair! Now babylights are taking over the hair salons of the world and with good reason. Because the small, fine highlights ensure a great natural look with very soft color reflections. We explain to you what is behind the hair coloring technique and what advantages it brings you!

Babylights: Perfect Highlights for A Natural Look Jessica Kuehne

What are baby lights?

Have you ever noticed that small children usually have a lot of lighter highlights around their faces in summer? Exactly this youthful look is copied when coloring Babylights. We also have an explanation for the name: Baby + Lights (as an abbreviation for highlights). So the hyped highlights are lighter-colored areas that frame the face and then gently fade down. But not only the front strands are treated, but the rest of the hair also gets finely set highlights, which are often only a few shades lighter than the current shade. The goal is a look that is as natural as possible with smooth transitions.

What are baby lights? | Babylights: Perfect Highlights for A Natural Look Jessica Kuehne

What techniques are used to color babylights?

Babylights are most often painted onto the hair freehand with a brush. The painting or balayage technique is often used for this. Since no fixed patterns are used, the result is an individual look that looks as if the sun was at work and not the hairdresser.

What should you look out for with Babylights?

Since Babylights strive for a natural look, you should make sure that you don't choose a nuance that is too light. After all, there shouldn't be any hard contrast, only a very gentle effect. It is best to choose a hair color that is as similar as possible to your current hair color or slightly lighter.

What should you look out for with Babylights? | Babylights: Perfect Highlights for A Natural Look Jessica Kuehne

Who are Babylights suitable for?

Since the new coloring technique looks super natural and blends with the natural hair color, Babylights simply suit everyone. It's up to you whether you want to go a bit lighter this summer or just emphasize your complexion with shimmer effects. But the fact is: Your hair color will end up appearing much more complex and giving the hairstyle more dimension. That's why Babylights are also perfect for anyone who has rather fine and thin hair and would like a little more volume (at least visually).


What are the benefits of Babylights?

What are the benefits of Babylights? | Babylights: Perfect Highlights for A Natural Look Jessica Kuehne

So babylights are a great solution for anyone who wants to lighten their hair but don't want to say goodbye to their natural hair color entirely. The highlights ensure a beach look that is easy to care for and gets you in the mood for summer.

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