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5 Most Common Mistakes Women With Thin Hair Make


Thin hair is tricky. What works for one person to create volume does not necessarily work for another. But: There are a handful of tips that go smoothly for everyone. And that includes avoiding the following mistakes:

5 Most Common Mistakes Women with Thin Hair Make
Thin hair is tricky. But with the right tricks, even thin hair can look voluminous.

1. Hair mistake: Wrong care

Thin hair must be cared for so that the tips do not dry out and become split. However, a shampoo that contains rich oils would be the wrong choice, as they are too heavy on your hair and flatten your lengths even more.

So make sure you choose a shampoo with a light texture. If the INCI list is too complicated for you: You basically can't go wrong with so-called volume shampoos.

2. Hair mistake: Putting the conditioner in the wrong places

Never put the conditioner on the roots! This flattens the hair and makes it greasy even faster. Instead, distribute the conditioner down the lengths from the chin to the tips.

3. Hair mistake: Wrong blow-dry technique

Do you blow dry your hair from the crown of your head down? This can be done better! Because heat can at least help you to get a little more volume at the roots. Means: Experienced people place the round brush on the hairline and pull the strands upwards. Alternatively, you can just blow dry your hair upside down.

4. Hair Mistake: Brush wet hair

Trying to detangle your wet strands with an ordinary brush can not only be very painful but also break the delicate, fine hairs. That means: either let it dry first or use a special wet brush whose bristles do not attack wet hair.


Mistake 5: Using too many styling products

Does a lot help a lot? One might think. However, the opposite is true for fine hair. Choose your styling products carefully. For example, a so-called root booster creates volume at the roots. A light texturizing spray or a volume foam can provide more fullness in the lengths (make sure to leave out the roots here!).

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