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Puffy Eyes: Causes And Effective Home Remedies


If your eyes suddenly feel thick and swollen, there is usually a harmless explanation for this, but it is still not pleasant. We will therefore tell you which causes can be behind swollen eyes and what helps against it.

Puffy Eyes: Causes and Effective Home Remedies
Do your eyes often feel swollen and thick? We reveal where that comes from.

Puffy Eyes: Causes and Effective Home Remedies
Fortunately, swollen eyes can usually be effectively treated with home remedies.

Puffy eyes make us look tired and just not fit. No wonder - they often appear when we have had very little sleep, have cried, or are ill. In the following, you can read how swollen eyes occur, what other causes there are and what helps above all against swollen eyes.

This is what causes puffy eyes

Swollen eyes are mostly caused by the short-term accumulation of fluid in the tissue. This can accumulate in the eyelid, but also in the area under the eyes. The reasons for this can be very diverse and range from harmless, short-term causes to serious illnesses. If swelling persists for a long time and no measures to reduce swelling help, you should therefore have your eye examined by a doctor.

Causes of swollen eyes

Most of the time, the reasons for swollen eyes are harmless. They often occur after a lack of sleep, as a side effect of a cold, or with allergies. Long, violent crying can also be behind short-term swelling.

But inflammation of the eye can also cause swelling. This includes, for example, conjunctivitis, chalazion or styes, or inflammation of the paranasal sinuses.

More serious diseases that cause swollen eyes include thyroid disease, heart failure, kidney failure, or a tumor. If you have noticeable accompanying symptoms or long-lasting symptoms, you should definitely consult a doctor.

Help against swollen eyes: effective home remedies

Puffy eyes are not only uncomfortable, but they also don't look pretty. No wonder we try to get rid of the swelling as soon as possible. Luckily, there are a few simple home remedies that have proven to be very effective.

1. Liquid

It is important to drink plenty of water to flush out fluid build-up and stimulate lymphatic transport.


2. Cooling

You should not underestimate classic cooling! A spoon from the fridge or cool goggles will help to gently decongest the eyes. However, do not leave the cold object on your eyes for longer than 10 minutes to avoid damaging your skin.

3. Eye care products

Today's cosmetics offer a lot of products that can help reduce eye swelling. For example eye creams with draining ingredients - they work even more effectively if you store the product in the refrigerator beforehand.

4. Food

Caffeine, green tea, or cucumber slices are natural remedies that gently reduce swelling in our eyes. They cool the tissue, have a moisturizing effect, or stimulate the lymph flow.

5. Massage

Gently massage around your eyes. Circular movements or light tapping around the bridge of the nose along the lower eyelid help to transport the liquid away. This can also be combined with applying eye cream.

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