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Box Bob: This Cheeky Bob Hairstyle Conjures Up Volume In Thin Hair!


Are you longing for more volume for your flat hair? Then you absolutely have to try the popular "Box Bob"! Here you can find out who the voluminous bob hairstyle suits and how it is best styled.

Whether elegant "long bob", wild "shaggy bob", stylish "petit bob" or cheeky "side swept bob" - the bob is one of the most popular hairstyles. Why? It reinvents itself again and again, comes in countless variations, and therefore suits almost every woman - a real classic!

A new haircut has now joined the ranks of the most popular bob hairstyles: the so-called "box bob"! The trendy hairstyle is particularly impressive for wearers with particularly thin hair! become clairaudient? Then see for yourself why the "Box Bob" is the perfect hairstyle for women with fine but also thick hair.

"Box Bob": What is special about the bob hairstyle?

`Box Bob`: What is special about the bob hairstyle? | Box Bob: This Cheeky Bob Hairstyle Conjures Up Volume in Thin Hair!
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The "Box Bob" impresses with its voluminous cut, which creates a real volume splendor even from particularly thin hair. You wonder how? Quite simply: the bob is not cut to a blunt length like the blunt bob, which also gives a little more fullness. Instead, slight steps are worked into the back of the head so that the hair is visually lifted. While the hair is cut shorter at the back, the front sections remain slightly longer, creating a slightly asymmetrical cut.

Who does the trendy bob suit?

The "Box Bob" is suitable for every face shape and every hair structure. Not only women with particularly thin hair benefit from the trendy bob hairstyle in the form of volume. The special cut of the bob hairstyle frames every face perfectly and can also be combined with trendy bangs such as the "curtain bangs" without any problems!

Even thick hair is kept in check thanks to the slight layers at the back of the head and gets a cool look that takes some fullness, but in no way steals volume.

If you have curly hair, you should consider that your hair at the back of your head will appear even shorter due to the incorporated layers. You will also need a little more time for the styling since the classic "box bob" is usually worn straight or slightly wavy, so that the typical look of the "box bob", which also resembles a box because it is so compact, is not lost.

You don't have to worry about the shape of your face either. Whether you have a square, round, oval, or heart-shaped face - the popular bob suits every face shape. Depending on your preference, you can of course also play with the length of the haircut. With an elongated face, the bob can be cut a little longer. The slightly slanted, asymmetrical bob haircut is extremely flattering on round faces. Angular facial features and faces with high cheekbones come into their own when the bob is combined with layered bangs such as curtain bangs.

How to style the voluminous bob hairstyle?

How to style the voluminous bob hairstyle? | Box Bob: This Cheeky Bob Hairstyle Conjures Up Volume in Thin Hair!
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To give the trendy hairstyle additional volume, you can use special volume shampoos and styling products such as mousses. The best way to dry your hair is to blow-dry it with a round brush. This gives your hair a lot of bounce! In addition, the hair is now already perfect, because a slight natural frizz is styled silky smooth.

You don't want to wear the bob straight all the time? Gentle waves also harmonize perfectly with the "Box Bob" and conjure up more structure and movement in the hair. You can easily use a straightening iron to create casual beach waves in your hair.

Is that still not enough volume for you? Then the wonder weapon hair powder promises a remedy! Put some on the hairline and massage the powder in. Alternatively, volume sprays or texture sprays are perfect products to give every hairstyle a little more volume.

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