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Shaggy Lob: Emma Watson Wears The Trend Hairstyle Of Summer 2022


Bye, long hair! Emma Watson is now sporting the Shaggy Lob - the trendiest bob hairstyle of the summer...

Shaggy Lob: Emma Watson Wears The Trend Hairstyle of Summer 2022
Emma Watson showed off a new look at Paris Fashion Week.

Actress Emma Watson not only regularly proves her versatility in films but also shows it again and again with her hairstyles. The 32-year-old British woman has already worn a wide variety of cuts, from the super-short pixie to the classic bob and long mane. And now, too, Emma has caused enthusiasm with her hair and presented herself in a new look: she wore one of the big trend hairstyles of the summer to a Paris Fashion Week show – the shaggy lob.

Shaggy Lob: Emma Watson Wears The Trend Hairstyle of Summer 2022
Short, layered, casual: Emma Watson now wears a shaggy lob.

Shaggy Lob is perfect for summer

As the name suggests, this hairstyle consists of a skillful mix of shaggy and long bob, which gives every wearer a playful and at the same time casual and cheeky look in no time at all. The hair ends at about collarbone height and is cut in stages all around. This not only creates more volume but also freshness and lightness in the lengths, which is ideal for the summer months.

Shaggy Lob is perfect for summer | Shaggy Lob: Emma Watson Wears The Trend Hairstyle of Summer 2022
The Shaggy Lob is light and airy to wear.

This is how the Shaggy Lob can be styled

It doesn't matter whether you have a round, oval, square, or heart-shaped face, the trend hairstyle can be worn wonderfully with every face shape. In addition, the Shaggy Lob is popular with many in the summer because of its uncomplicated styling. So you don't have to stand in the bathroom for a long time to get your hairstyle, you can simply style it with your fingers, some mousse, and a brush. If you want, you can also use the curling iron to conjure up gentle waves in your hair, giving the hairstyle, even more, volume and sophistication.

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