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Nail Polish Trends: These Light Tones Look Particularly Classy


"Porcelain Nails" are very popular right now and take your look to a new level because they look particularly classy. We'll tell you how to get trendy nails and which nail polish colors you need.

Nail Polish Trends: These Light Tones Look Particularly Classy
Delicate rose nuances look really classy on the nails.

Nail Polish Trends: These Light Tones Look Particularly Classy
Good nail care is the most important step for Porcelain Nails.

That's why we love the delicate nail polish trend

"Porcelain Nails" convince us in soft shades of pink, which are perfect for summer. Important? The nails only get a hint of color and will then convince with a glow that makes them shine and looks as if they came straight from the manicure. This is how you get a gel nail look without damaging the natural nail. The filigree "Porcelain Nails" always look neat and elegant and are also suitable for the next party.

"Porcelain Nails": This is how you easily get the nails done at home

In the following step-by-step guide, we explain how you can get the trend right without having to dig deep into your wallet.

1. Preparation is everything

"Porcelain Nails" come into their own when you properly prepare your nails for the polish beforehand. Shape your nails into the desired shape and polish them. If you like, you can also use nail oil. Then apply a clear coat.

2. The right color

Now choose the right shade. A semi-transparent and slightly shimmering rosé tone is best, which looks great on the fingernails. Be sure to apply the nail polish evenly.


3. The finish is crucial

Now apply a transparent gel-look top coat. This ensures the significant shine of the "Porcelain Nails" and makes the nails a pretty eye-catcher.

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