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Which Hair Shampoo Is Right For You?


Have you been using the wrong shampoo for years? Find the right one for your hair structure here...

When looking for the perfect hair shampoo, we are sometimes overwhelmed by the large selection. Each product promises a wonderful head of hair and entices with great ingredients. The most important thing is quickly overlooked: the shampoo should definitely match your hair structure! Because only with the right active ingredients your hair gets exactly the care it needs. In our big shopping guide for hair shampoos, we introduce you to the best products for your individual needs.

Which Hair Shampoo is Right for You?
Whether curly or straight: the right hair shampoo is the be-all and end-all for healthy hair care. You can find out which shampoo suits you here.

Guide: Which hair shampoo is the best for you?

So that you can treat your mane optimally in your daily hair care, we explain the different requirements of individual hair structures and present our recommendations for suitable hair shampoos.

1. Which shampoo does a sensitive scalp need?

Does your scalp tend to be red, dry, and itchy? Then you should get a hair shampoo that is especially suitable for sensitive scalps: it should moisturize, soothe the skin and be pH-balanced. Make sure it doesn't contain any drying ingredients like alcohol. Synthetic fragrances, dyes, and preservatives are also taboo. Shampoos that work with anti-inflammatory active ingredients are also suitable for sensitive, itchy scalps.

The right choice: Urtekram tea tree shampoo

1. Which shampoo does a sensitive scalp need? | Which Hair Shampoo is Right for You?

We have had good experiences with Urtekram's tea tree shampoo for irritated, sensitive scalps. Tea tree oil has an anti-inflammatory and refreshing effect, while lavender adds a calming note. Aloe vera and glycerine are used here as a strong moisturizing duo. Just what irritated scalps need.

Bonus: Since it is a natural cosmetic, the hair shampoo is free from silicones that weigh down the scalp and could clog the pores. Suitable for vegans!

2. Which shampoo is right for fine hair?

If you have very flat, thin hair, you can cheat a little with a volume shampoo. The active ingredients contained ensure that the individual hairs are not so close together. This makes the mane look fuller and more voluminous overall. Bonus: Often the next hair wash can be delayed a little with it since the hair does not get greasy as quickly.

Our recommendation: the I+M volume shampoo

2. Which shampoo is right for fine hair? | Which Hair Shampoo is Right for You?

The natural cosmetics shampoo is free from silicones that weigh you down. Rather, it is full of natural power sources: Flea seed extract pushes your hair so that it shines with more volume after the first application. Chamomile and marigold have a calming effect on the scalp, and ginseng strengthens the hair structure. Protein and wheat germ oil add nutrients and moisturize. The tuft feels feather-light. The pump dispenser is also practical, so you can adjust the amount to your individual hair length.

3. Which hair shampoo is the right one for dry hair?

Long hair in particular dries out quickly and looks brittle and lackluster. A care shampoo is suitable for you, which supplies the hair with moisture, ideally acts as a protective coat against environmental influences, and smoothes the roughened structure. Reach for a product that contains valuable oils, panthenol, or aloe vera.

You should also use a conditioner every time you wash your hair to close the hair cuticle. This prevents damage and preserves your hair structure.

Tip: A moisturizing hair mask is also helpful. Ideally, you should use it once a week after washing your hair.

Shampoo tip: Dr. Schedu Berlin full of moisture boosters

3. Which hair shampoo is the right one for dry hair? | Which Hair Shampoo is Right for You?

Get the complete package for dry hair with this silicone-free hair shampoo from Dr. Schedu Berlin: Argan oil and jojoba oil are already beauty superstars because they are very nourishing. Aloe vera has a calming and moisturizing effect. Panthenol rounds off the overall package as it has an anti-inflammatory and regenerative function. The hair feels really great after washing and the mane is shiny.


4. What care does oily hair need?

Oily hair is caused by excessive sebum production. This can have various reasons, for example, diet, psychological stress, or hormonal fluctuations.

Also, rethink your beauty routine: are you over-treating your hair? Too many styling products and care products containing silicone build up over time and weigh down the strands. Washing your hair too often is also counterproductive for greasy hair: if you remove the sebum from your scalp every day, it only produces more. Even if it's hard: try to gradually delay the next hair wash. Ideally, you will settle down to a rhythm of two to three times a week over time.

Hair shampoos that provide sebum-balancing active ingredients are particularly suitable for support. Also important: moisture! What sounds absurd in view of greasy hair is, however, quite logical: If you supply your scalp with sufficient moisture, it no longer has to produce as much sebum itself. The result: the hair becomes greasy much more slowly.

Tip: When washing your hair, don't massage the scalp too much - this also stimulates sebum production.

The right hair shampoo for oily hair: Kérastase Specifique Bain Divalent

4. What care does oily hair need? | Which Hair Shampoo is Right for You?

One of the favorites in hair salons and of course also with us: Kérastase. This shampoo especially for greasy hair comes at a steep price, but you get professional care delivered to your home. It has an astringent effect when washing the hair, which inhibits excessive sebum production and has a balancing effect on the scalp. In addition, hair and scalp get plenty of moisture. The hair shines and is fluffy-light. Exactly what we want!

5. Which shampoo is the best for dandruff?

Do you suffer from dandruff? A special anti-dandruff shampoo can help. Depending on the nature of dandruff, the product should reduce your scalp's sebum production (for greasy dandruff) or increase its moisture content (for dry dandruff). Here's how to find the best anti-dandruff shampoo:

The right shampoo for dry dandruff: Salthouse Dead Sea Shampoo

5. Which shampoo is the best for dandruff? | Which Hair Shampoo is Right for You?

A dry scalp that tends to form dandruff needs one thing above all: relaxing and moisturizing active ingredients. You get it here. Dead Sea products work extremely well even on dry, sensitive, and irritated skin. The same applies to hair washing: the scalp relaxes and is supplied with plenty of minerals and moisture. Aloe vera is also used here. This will help your head regain balance over time. In addition, shampoo provides an active ingredient called piroctone olamine, which inhibits dandruff formation.

The right shampoo for greasy dandruff: Sebamed anti-dandruff shampoo

5. Which shampoo is the best for dandruff? | Which Hair Shampoo is Right for You?

For greasy dandruff, the hair shampoo must be able to balance the excess sebum production. This is achieved with a very mild formulation that corresponds to the pH value of the skin and therefore does not disturb the skin's protective acid layer. This means that no additional sebum production is promoted. This is exactly the case with this shampoo from Sebamed. The scalp can regenerate, sebum production is reduced and the annoying itching that often comes with greasy dandruff subsides.

Piroctone olamine, which acts against the yeast that causes dandruff, is also used here.

Important: This shampoo is really only suitable for greasy hair, as it would dry out all other hair types too much.

Not sure which shampoo to use? Then it's best to ask your doctor's office or the nearest pharmacy. Even if you have severe dandruff or psoriasis, you should speak to a doctor before treatment.

6. Which hair shampoo is the right one for hair loss?

It's every woman's nightmare: hair loss. Depending on the cause, a special hair shampoo against hair loss can help you make your mane fuller and healthier again. A particularly effective ingredient against hair loss is keratin. It protects the hair from environmental influences, strengthens the hair structure, and thus prevents hair loss. Caffeine also helps stimulate hair growth by increasing blood flow to the scalp. You can also use biotin to strengthen your hair follicles.

Shampoo recommendation for hair loss: The Plantur series

6. Which hair shampoo is the right one for hair loss? | Which Hair Shampoo is Right for You?

The topic of hair loss is complex because it can have different causes. Therefore, it is important to use a hair shampoo that suits your situation. For example, you need a different composition of active ingredients during menopause. In addition, there is the hair structure, which again has individual needs.

A good choice is the appropriate care of Plantur. Depending on whether you have color-treated, damaged, or mature hair, there is a customized care range.

Important: In the event of long-lasting or excessive hair loss, please visit a dermatological practice.

7. Which shampoo to use for curly hair?

Curly hair requires extra intensive hair care, as the sebum, which makes the hair supple, has difficulty reaching the tips due to the curly structure of the hair. Therefore, curly strands often have to struggle with dryness. Special curl shampoos therefore usually contain strengthening oils. You should also use silicone-free shampoos so as not to weigh down your hair.

Our price-performance tip: Curl shampoo from Cantu

7. Which shampoo to use for curly hair? | Which Hair Shampoo is Right for You?

This shampoo by Cantu hasn't just been hyped since TikTok. For a long time, followers of the curly girl method have sworn by the hair care that turns frizzy straw into corkscrews. The curl shampoo cares with shea butter and coconut oil but does not contain sulfates, parabens, or silicones. Just what curls need. And at a really unbeatable price.

8. Which hair shampoo goes with a colored mane?

Anyone who dyes their hair regularly should use special color shampoos that protect the color and make it shine. It is important that the product does not contain any strong, moisture-sucking sulfates, as these literally pull the color out of the hair. But also make sure that the shampoo suits your hair structure - this is the only way to keep the color for a long time.

The right shampoo for colored hair: Color Protect by Paul Mitchell

8. Which hair shampoo goes with a colored mane? | Which Hair Shampoo is Right for You?

One of the Amazon customer favorites: The vegan Color Protect Shampoo from the premium label Paul Mitchell. The price may seem high, but you get a liter bottle here, so the shampoo lasts for several months. It provides your colored hair with moisture, which it needs especially after coloring. We particularly like the sunflower extracts, which protect the hair from UV damage. Especially in summer, they lead to a rapid fading of color.

Bonus: The pH value of the shampoo is 5.5 and is therefore skin-neutral. This preserves the protective acid mantle of your scalp.

8. Which hair shampoo goes with a colored mane? | Which Hair Shampoo is Right for You?
If our hair is happy, so are we. It is always important to use the right hair shampoo.

Are there also plastic-free shampoo alternatives?

You look into the bathroom and everything is full of plastic? If that bothers you, there are of course also plastic-free hair shampoos. They usually come packed in a box, have a long shelf life, but are otherwise no different from conventional liquid shampoos. Rather, it is about the same care ingredients. Except that no water was added to the shampoo bars to achieve the liquid consistency.

Good to know: In contrast to hair soaps, the pH value of solid shampoos is not alkaline, so you don't need an acidic rinse after washing your hair. Just grab your conditioner afterward as usual.

Are there also plastic-free shampoo alternatives? | Which Hair Shampoo is Right for You?
Compact and practical: Here we tested Amazon Aware's solid hair shampoo with aloe vera. The conclusion: The compact packaging contains three handy bars. The foam formation was excellent and together with a sisal bag, it was also very easy to use.

Pro tip: Store your shampoo bar in a sisal soap pouch. This not only saves a lot of space in the shower. The shampoo bar can also air dry much better in it. And you can hang it out of the reach of the shower spray so it doesn't come into contact with water.

Bonus: You don't even have to remove the bar from the pouch to shampoo, just rub it over your head. Then lather up with your hands and rinse thoroughly. If the foam formation was not sufficient for you during the first wash, then repeat this step. You'll notice that the second time around, there's a lot more foam.

Our tips to help you choose the right shampoo in the future

Sure, even our editorial favorites just can't match your hair, even if they're the right ones for your hair texture. Every head of hair reacts differently to various care products.

It also matters what you used before. If you have only had shampoos containing silicone for years and are now switching to natural cosmetics for hair structure or personal reasons, your hair will no longer look so good after a few uses. The reason: once the silicone coating has come off, broken lengths are usually left behind. This is part of the transition phase. Treat your hair lengths to daily leave-in care with argan oil or jojoba oil. Regular visits to the hairdresser are also important so that the hair grows back healthy.

The scalp also needs time to get used to the new beauty routine and to regenerate the protective acid mantle. Nonetheless, based on our experience, we can give you these four tips to help you choose your next shampoo:

  1. Hair structure: As already mentioned, the most important aspect when choosing a shampoo is your hair structure. But beware of these changes over time. It may be the case that you tend to have oily hair when you are younger, but that it becomes drier and thinner over time. Then you should also adjust your hair care accordingly. In addition, some hair structures do not tolerate silicones, while others get along well with them. Do you want to shine and heat protection or do you have normal uncomplicated hair? Then you will get along well with high-quality, water-soluble silicones. However, this is not the case with curly, greasy, or thin hair, as these often appear almost flattened. So watch your hair and adapt your care routine to its current needs.
  2. Of course, environmental factors play a role: seawater and the sun tend to dry out our lengths. Incidentally, the same applies to heating air in winter. So if you notice that your lengths need moisture, then use richer and moisturizing shampoos during this time. Here, too, a leave-in treatment with hair oils is always a good idea.
  3. How often do you wash your hair? If you prefer to hop in the shower every day, then you should definitely keep an eye on the pH value of the shampoo. This must then be skin-neutral (i.e. at 5.5) so that you don’t rinse your acid mantle off your head, which would only lead to hair problems. Even with a mild shampoo, we recommend that you always delay washing your hair for as long as possible. Water that is too hot is also not good for your skin. Better turn the tap down to lukewarm.
  4. Combability and hair feel: How does your mane feel after washing your hair? How liberated and fluffy? Is she easy to comb? Then you hit the bull's eye. Stick with this shampoo for now. If you get used to it at some point, change the products, because now your hair needs different care (see tip one). Of course, this also applies if the bottle is still full. After a few washes, you can go back to that shampoo and use it up.

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