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Rain Hair: Best Tips To Keep Your Hair From Frizzing When It'S Wet


Does your hair do what it wants when it gets wet and humid outside? Tame your “rain hair” with these tips.

Rain Hair: Best Tips to Keep Your Hair from Frizzing When It's Wet | Rain Hair: Best Tips to Keep Your Hair from Frizzing When It's Wet

"Rain Hair": The best tips to keep your hair from frizzing when it's wet

It doesn't even take a proper rain shower to completely ruin freshly styled hair. Even a high level of humidity can ensure that the hair frizzes, swirls form, and everything sticks out wildly from the head. Especially in summer, thunderstorms are the order of the day and can come as such a surprise that you can no longer save your hairstyle. But not if you prepare your hair properly and observe the following tips because then no monsoon in the world can destroy your hairstyle.

Why does our hair get frizzy anyway?

Logically, when it rains, the air contains more water molecules than dry air. This creates a chemical reaction in the hair that causes the hair to frizz. Because when it rains, our strands of hair form hydrogen bonds that deform it. That's why natural curls suddenly appear again, or frizz develops.

5 Expert Tips to Prevent Rain Hair

Always use hairspray

Sounds logical, after all, hairspray's main job is to hold the hair in place. So if the humidity is high outside or if there's the slightest chance of a rain shower: Spray a load of hairspray into your hair and it's best to always have it on hand when you're out and about.

Tie hair up

When the hair is open, it offers a larger surface area for moisture to attack and frizzes more quickly. Therefore, it is worth tying your hair up in high humidity and rain. But not just somehow, but preferably in a loose (braided) plait. The moisture will cause the hair to take on a different shape anyway, but at least the braid gives you some direction. A plait creates even curls that don't look like a rain hairstyle. This also works for short hair, by the way.


Keep scalp clean

If it rains more often outside, you should wash your hair more often. Moisture in the hair causes the scalp to become greasy more quickly, which means that hairstyles don't last long. So if you get caught in a rain shower, you shouldn't just let your hair dry afterward, but wash it thoroughly with shampoo again. If you don't have time to wash your hair after a downpour, cleanse your scalp with some dry shampoo.

Don't take a hot shower

Even if it sounds tempting to take a hot shower after a rain shower, you should only wash your hair with lukewarm water at most, because temperatures that are too hot dry out the scalp and lead to itching and irritation. You should always finish your hair wash with cold water to close the cuticle layer. The cold conditioner tames frizz. Then you should not rub your hair with a normal towel, but wring it out with a special microfiber cloth.

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