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Queen Letizia Wears This New Healthy Hair Cut


Queen Letizia's new hairstyle is not only shorter and layered but also contains some additional refinements, as a hairstylist explains to us.

Queen Letizia Wears This New Healthy Hair Cut

Queen Letizia now wears a clavicut and shows the many advantages of the trendy haircut

The clavicut (yes, we're talking about the mid-length haircut that hits the collarbone) has long been one of the most popular haircuts. The hairstyle has been one of the most sought-after and implemented hairstyles at the hair salon in 2021 - two things that don't always go hand in hand - and now it's Queen Letizia showing off her version a little shorter. She's chopped off a few inches and opted for layers to add movement to her hair.

Queen Letizia Wears This New Healthy Hair Cut

The Clavicut has the "Healthy Hair" effect

While the healthy look of her head of hair hasn't been compromised by the long cut - something that often happens when hair grows past chest height, at which point it loses strength and shine, especially as we age - it's true, that the Clavicut also has the effect of "healthy hair". We talked about this a while back when Angelina Jolie swapped her long hair for a medium-length cut. Benefits include making the ends of the hair appear thicker and making the hair look stronger overall. In the case of Doña Letizia, this new length also has many other advantages.

The Clavicut has the `Healthy Hair` effect | Queen Letizia Wears This New Healthy Hair Cut

The trend haircut is a good choice, especially in summer

"The Clavicut softens your features and is perfect for getting your hair ready for summer. The length is comfortable and can also be tied back. In her case, layers have been added to give volume to the hair and soften it. It's a cut that she wears more often and that suits her very well," adds stylist María Baras, director of Cheska. Add to that the fact that this length makes it much easier to curl the hair and also allows it to air dry - cue summer hairstyle - this is a great option that we predict has a bright future in hair salons. The clavicut could really become one of the most requested haircuts in the coming weeks.

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