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Drawing Eyeliner: This Is How You Apply Eyeliner Perfectly


Do you have tired eyes, would you like a different shape or do you want the perfect finish for your evening make-up? An exciting eyeliner can combine all of this in one - you just have to know how to draw it correctly. With these tips and tricks, pulling eyeliner will soon no longer be a problem!

Drawing Eyeliner: This is How You Apply Eyeliner Perfectly

Apply eyeliner: Liquid, gel, or rather a pen?

First of all, you should be aware of the effect you expect from an eyeliner. This makes it easier to choose the right product. Just like with lip make-up and co., you also have the choice between different forms of eyeliner. Whether liquid, in gel form, or as a stick - each variant has a different finish. While you can use liquid eyeliner or gel for extra coverage, it takes a little while to dry. Pens, on the other hand, tend to be less strong in color and, above all, because they are easy to handle, they are perfect for beginners.

How do I get the perfect song line? These 4 tricks will help

Of course, it takes a bit of practice and patience until you have really drawn the perfect eyeliner. But we guarantee you: With these tips, applying eyeliner gets better every time.

How do I get the perfect song line? These 4 tricks will help | Drawing Eyeliner: This is How You Apply Eyeliner Perfectly

1. Plan enough time

Just draw a perfectly curved eyeliner in front of the bathroom mirror — only real eyeliner professionals can do that. For everyone else: Take your time! Because nothing is more annoying than rushing out to draw eyeliner and ruining the entire eye make-up as a result. So, take your time and sit down at your dressing table and use a cosmetic mirror. If you now support your arm with your elbow, you will get an even better feeling in your hand.

2. Prepare the skin

The base is extremely important so that your eyeliner lasts all day or on a wild party night. So either you use a primer or you powder your eyelid with a little eye shadow beforehand - this way the eyeliner adheres better.


3. Work in small steps

If you still don't have the feeling for the exact swing, you shouldn't pull your eyeliner all at once, but use the product to draw small aids. Simply draw a few points along the lash line and then connect them together.

4. Use template

You just don't have a steady hand for a straight line? Then a strip of tape will help you along which you can run the eyeliner.

What are the ways to draw a perfect eyeliner?

There isn't just one way to best draw your eyeliner. How so? Because it also primarily depends on the shape of the eyes. We'll show you how to apply eyeliner even to droopy eyelids and tell you the most helpful tricks. ...

Draw eyeliner for different eye shapes

1. Draw eyeliner for almond-shaped eyes

Congratulations! You already have the best basis for great eye make-up with eyeliner - because you really look like any eyeliner. For everyday use, we recommend that you simply let the eyeliner get a little thicker from the inner corner of the eye outwards and stop at the corner of the eye.

1. Draw eyeliner for almond-shaped eyes | Drawing Eyeliner: This is How You Apply Eyeliner Perfectly



With evening make-up, you can also pull a dramatic swing at this point.

2. Draw eyeliner for round eyes

If your eyes are more round, eyeliner can help you visually stretch the shape a bit. To achieve this effect, you should draw your eyeliner on the upper lash line beyond the corner of the eye, but not at the very inner corner.

2. Draw eyeliner for round eyes | Drawing Eyeliner: This is How You Apply Eyeliner Perfectly
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Then draw another line diagonally upwards from the lower lash line and connect both lines. Attention, if you have small eyes. Here you should only apply eyeliner on top. On the other hand, if you want to emphasize your big round eyes, you should try the trendy Puppy Eyeliner!

3. Eyeliner for drooping eyelids

Drooping eyelids quickly make your eyes look tired and sad. So to open up your eyes visually, you can do a little trick with eyeliner.

3. Eyeliner for drooping eyelids | Drawing Eyeliner: This is How You Apply Eyeliner Perfectly



Make sure, however, that you draw the eyeliner very close to the lash line and at the same time little thicker-thin lines would simply disappear in the crease of the eye.

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