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Emilia Clarke'S Honey Highlights Are Perfect Summer Refresher For Brunettes


Emilia Clarke makes honey highlight the trendy hairstyle of the summer...

In the summer of 2022, hair colors need to be either extreme, like Marilyn Monroe blonde or look as natural as if they've just been brightened by a beach vacation and the sun. Actress Emilia Clarke's current look definitely falls into the latter category. Now the Brit is giving her brunette hair an upgrade with delicate honey highlights, setting a summer hairstyle trend right away.

Emilia Clarke's Honey Highlights are Perfect Summer Refresher for Brunettes
Yes, honey! Actress Emilia Clarke gives her brunette hair a summery upgrade with honey highlights.

Emila Clarke makes honey highlights the trend hairstyle for summer 2022

Emilia Clarke makes a small excursion into the world of theater and can be seen in the Chekhov classic The Seagull in London's Westend Theater. She made her debut with a very special hairstyle, which her hairstylist Leigh Keates posted on his Instagram account. He styled the British actress a loose bun with the front strands of hair sticking out casually. Special twist: honey-colored highlights that blended naturally with the brunette hair of the actress. This look now gives dark hair the perfect summer refresh. But it's best to get a picture of Emila Clarke's adorable honey highlights here for yourself...

Emilia Clarke's Honey Highlights are Perfect Summer Refresher for Brunettes
Emilia Clarke's Honey Highlights are Perfect Summer Refresher for Brunettes
Instagram: @leighkeateshair

Honey Highlights: This is Emilia Clarke's trendy hairstyle

To create the natural look of this hairstyle trend, you should make sure that the highlights are no more than two or three shades lighter than the rest of your hair. Emilia Clarke's hairstylist uses the highlights to frame the face. This ensures that the hair appears lighter overall. The remaining hair only needs very sporadic highlights and thus gets a particularly natural lightening. One thing is certain: this trend hairstyle exudes a lot of lightness in the summer of 2022.

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