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Victoria Beckham'S Porcelain Effect Manicure Is Trending For Summer


Victoria Beckham sets a trend for the upcoming summer season with this timelessly elegant manicure (which is very flattering).

Victoria Beckham's Porcelain Effect Manicure is Trending for Summer

This manicure by Victoria Beckham is the new nail trend for summer

Having seen just about everything (and more) in manicures over the past few years - there is probably no object in the world, however commonplace, that has not already been immortalized on fingernails - the trend is starting to decline to minimalism. While we're still in the middle of the 2000s revival in fashion, in the beauty world we're already turning to a classically elegant style, starting with the manicure. Zendaya proved it with her pastel nails that shaded somewhere between pink and lavender; Jennifer Lopez with a radiant manicure in a mix of French and baby pink; all that was missing was the approval of the queen of all elegance, i.e. Victoria Beckham.

Because while photos from her Spice Girls days are the best inspiration for wearing Y2K trends, the designer is now going in the opposite direction and has become one of the most respected celebrities with her simple (but never boring) style. And that's where the manicure she showed off at Jacquemus' Fall Winter 2022/23 show comes in.

Victoria Beckham's Porcelain Effect Manicure is Trending for Summer
Victoria Beckham at the Jacquemus fashion show.

Even more classic than a French manicure: Victoria's nails with a porcelain effect

Although the easiest way to wear nails in a classic way would have been the timeless French look - a nude base with white tips - Victoria Beckham opted for a new look and chose nails with a porcelain effect. We're not talking about the kind of acrylic or porcelain nails that were worn just a few years ago - they've largely been replaced by gel nails now - but the polish the designer wore now. A very natural pink tone is applied with a very shimmering and at the same time delicate effect, which almost borders on the Milky Nails trend. This makes the hands look more vital, just as the face can be made radiant with a hint of highlighter without having to forego the elegance of a powder-colored manicure.

This nail shape flatters the hands

But there's another plus to this manicure because Victoria Beckham has another trick to make her hands look even more flattering: the shape of her nails. They're very long without being too extreme (so a perfect compromise to keep the classic look) and have a squared-off tip that visually elongates your fingers and makes them look more stylish overall. All these details indicate that this manicure is the perfect choice for the upcoming season.

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