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Jennifer Lopez'S Wedding Hairstyle Is Perfect For All Minimalists


It goes so well with the veil...

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck finally tied the knot and for her wedding hairstyle, J.Lo went for the simplest hairstyle. The first pictures are here.

Jennifer Lopez's Wedding Hairstyle is Perfect for All Minimalists

Jennifer Lopez sports the prettiest minimalist wedding hairstyle and it goes perfectly with the veil.

We've been waiting since they got engaged in April 2022, and now the time has come: Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck got married. Very small and unspectacular in Las Vegas with the closest circle. And as simple as the ceremony was the hairstyle Jennifer Lopez wore on her big day. Her hair artist Chris Appleton shared a reel on Instagram that shows J.Lo in a very simple white dress (the first of two) and a very simple hairstyle that we just love.

Jennifer Lopez's Wedding Hairstyle is Perfect for All Minimalists



Jennifer Lopez wears her hair loose and in waves

For her wedding look, J.Lo opted for loose hair, which Chris Appleton styled in big waves. The special thing about it: The hair stylist took the upper part of the hair together and styled it into a thin ponytail at the back of the head. This not only gives the hairstyle a somewhat playful look, but the twist also has a major advantage. The veil that Jennifer Lopez wears loosely at the back of her head and not over her head, which is totally trendy at the moment, can be perfectly hooked into it.

Jennifer Lopez wears her hair loose and in waves | Jennifer Lopez's Wedding Hairstyle is Perfect for All Minimalists
Instagram: @tombachik

Open hair, waves, and a half ponytail are the perfect combinations

The combination of open hair, elegant waves, playful half ponytail, and the inconspicuous veil is just perfect for a simple wedding or for anyone who would rather keep it simple. Another detail that immediately catches the eye: is the shine in J.Lo's hair. Chris Appleton is known for always leaving his clients' hair perfectly shiny and this is easily done with a shine spray that is added to the hair at the end. This gives the whole thing an elegant touch and also ensures that the hairstyle holds up better.

A simple hairstyle, eye-catching make-up

Even if the hairstyle was rather simple, Jennifer Lopez opted for a dark smoky eye for the make-up. This is relatively unusual for the wedding look but works great because the rest of the styling is very simple. J.Lo wears a dark shade of brown on the eyes, which is blended around the eye and harmonizes perfectly with Jennifer Lopez's brown eyes. A black eyeliner completes the smokey eye. The rest of the make-up is made up of some bronzer, highlighter, and a slight gloss on the lips. All around a beautiful wedding look.

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