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Puffy Eyes: Causes and Effective Home Remedies

If your eyes suddenly feel thick and swollen, there is usually a harmless explanation for this, but it is still not pleasant. We will therefore tell you which causes can be behind swollen eyes and what helps against it. Do your eyes often feel swollen and thick? We reveal where that comes... Read More ⇒

Make Your Own Hair Mask to Prevent Split Ends

These natural remedies will make your hair healthy and strong! Beauty care also includes proper hair care. They are very sensitive, and delicate and require various natural remedies. Just like with skin care, many people have a routine for hair care as well. From timely washing with effective... Read More ⇒

Apply Sunscreen: You Should Avoid This Mistake at All Costs

Good sun protection is the most important thing for the skin in summer! Do you still have sunscreens from last year that you use? Researchers advise against it! We reveal what is behind the study and what you should look out for when buying sunscreen. According to a study, old sun creams can... Read More ⇒
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