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Nail Polish Trends 2022: These 5 Brightly Colored Polishes are Now IN

Do you love bright nail polishes? Then you absolutely have to try these 5 trend colors for summer 2022! What bright colors do we wear on our nails in summer? Orange nail polish is very trendy right now. Summer and brightly colored nail polish just go perfectly together. Whether it's on... Read More ⇒

Victoria Beckham's Porcelain Effect Manicure is Trending for Summer

Victoria Beckham sets a trend for the upcoming summer season with this timelessly elegant manicure (which is very flattering). This manicure by Victoria Beckham is the new nail trend for summer Having seen just about everything (and more) in manicures over the past few years - there is... Read More ⇒

Perfect Manicure in 3 Minutes with This Trick

Do you love manicured nails, but don't want to invest a lot of money and effort? Then you'll love this manicure trend: nail wraps are quick to apply at home, look great, and last up to two weeks. Is love done nails? With nail foils, these are done in no time. Incidentally, nail foils... Read More ⇒

Gel Nails: Information, Comparison and Tips

Gel nails give us our desired length, stability, and beautiful designs. But what are the artificial nails actually made of and how harmful is that? We tell you what you should know about gel nails. Gel nails give us stable and handsome nail designs. But how healthy are they actually? We... Read More ⇒

Nail Polish Trends 2022: Most Popular Nail Polish Color for This Summer

This nail polish color for summer is definitely one of the nail polish trends for 2022: it flatters tanned skin and is versatile, and ideal for a wedding. When it comes to nail polish trends, things can get a bit more daring and colorful in summer We figured out which nail polish color... Read More ⇒

Nail Polish Trends: These Light Tones Look Particularly Classy

"Porcelain Nails" are very popular right now and take your look to a new level because they look particularly classy. We'll tell you how to get trendy nails and which nail polish colors you need. Delicate rose nuances look really classy on the nails. Good nail care is the most important... Read More ⇒

Extra Long Fingernails - Best Tips for Healthy and Artificial Fingernails

Beauty Trend 2022: Extra-long fingernails are a beauty trend in 2022 - you have to pay attention to that... In 2022 everything will be a little more daring in fashion: skirts will be tighter, heels higher and dresses more transparent. This tendency towards more extroverted trends is also... Read More ⇒
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