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Lower Lashes are Now Making A Big Comeback

The cult series Euphoria did it and we're doing it now: Lower Lashes! Read here what defines the eyelash trend and how to apply makeup. Lower lashes are making a big comeback. And this is how the eyelash trend is made up! Eyelashes 2022: Lower Lashes are now celebrating their... Read More ⇒

Drawing Eyeliner: This is How You Apply Eyeliner Perfectly

Do you have tired eyes, would you like a different shape or do you want the perfect finish for your evening make-up? An exciting eyeliner can combine all of this in one - you just have to know how to draw it correctly. With these tips and tricks, pulling eyeliner will soon no longer be a... Read More ⇒

Floating Lashes are The Most Sensual Eyelash Trend for 2022

Floating lashes are among the biggest eyelash trends for 2022. Read here what is important and how to style them. Floating lashes are very popular right now. And we know what's important with this eyelash trend! When it comes to eyelash trends, restraint has been written rather small... Read More ⇒

Dark Lip Liner is Back! How to Apply Makeup for The 2022 Beauty Trend Like The Stars of The 90s

Don't be afraid of dark lip liner! Thanks to the 2022 beauty trend, you can put on full lips like the stars of the 90s. Now please keep calm and take a deep breath: Yes, the dark lip liner will be back in summer 2022, a look at the runways and the Instagram feed leaves no doubt about that.... Read More ⇒

Colorful Eyeliner: This is How You Make Ip The Beauty Trend in Summer 2022

Rich color: How to make up colorful eyeliner as a beauty trend in summer 2022? It is a true beauty classic and is currently experiencing a renaissance: the eyeliner, which Cleopatra already appreciated in its original version made of kohl. Traditionally worn in black, as a subtle feline flick or... Read More ⇒

Eyeliner Trends 2022: These Are The New Looks (And How They Work)

Eyeliner is always in fashion, but the way we apply it is changing. Here are the eyeliner trends for 2022, explained step by step. These are the eyeliner trends for 2022 - and we'll show you how to apply them Red lips, a French manicure, or Hollywood curls: there are a few beauty... Read More ⇒

We Bought This Concealer (Which Acts Like A Beauty Filter) Because of TikTok

From its conditioning properties to its natural glow finish, this clean beauty concealer is just in time for summer. Everyone on TikTok loves this concealer right now – and for good reason "Why did this change my life?" Mikayla Nogueira wrote on TikTok in a review of her new favorite... Read More ⇒

Lipstick Trends in Summer 2022: These Colors are Particularly Popular This Season

Ever heard of the Lipstick Index? The term was coined by Leonard Lauder, former CEO of beauty company Estée Lauder. It refers to the increasing sales of cosmetics during the US recession in the early 2000s. The purchase of lipsticks in particular became a kind of general indicator of the status quo... Read More ⇒
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