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Long Hairstyles: Fast And Trendy Styles


How to style long hair quickly and trendy?

Do you love your long mane but don't know what to do with it? Of course, long hair has a lot more potential than just hanging down shapelessly. We'll tell you which cuts are popular now and which hairstyles are easy to achieve.

Long Hairstyles: Fast and Trendy Styles
How to show off long hair properly? We'll tell you.

Long Hairstyles: Fast and Trendy Styles
Bangs add structure to a long hairstyle.

Long hairstyles: How to style long hair in a simple and varied way?

When it comes to styling long hair, there are hardly any limits in sight: the styling options for at least shoulder-length manes are almost endless. And trendy cuts can regularly bring new impetus to the look. Read here what you should pay attention to when wearing long hair, which hairstyles can be done quickly, and which styles are currently in fashion.

Cuts for long hair

Little tricks at the hairdressers can work wonders, so that long hair doesn't hang down boringly and limp, or even look unkempt. Read here about the minimal interventions that make our mane look lively and voluminous.

Layered long hairstyles

Steps are a must, especially for smooth manes. They immediately give long hairstyles more fullness and structure. Used correctly, layers make our hair look significantly more voluminous. In addition, they ensure a well-groomed look: split ends are automatically removed and our hairstyle always looks styled without any effort. This is a convenient alternative for anyone who doesn't want to sit in front of the vanity mirror for hours in the morning.

Layered long hairstyles | Long Hairstyles: Fast and Trendy Styles
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Long hairstyles with bangs

Do you find your long mane boring? Especially when we gather our hair in a ponytail, the sight of our head is often rather bland and reminds us of physical education or a strict secretary. A pony will immediately remedy this! It provides a clear, visual break in our overall image and frames our face flatteringly. With the short strands on our forehead, we bring movement and structure to our long hairstyle. This balances out the even, long hair that hangs down the sides and also adds more excitement to hair that is pinned up.


Which bangs go with long hair?

In addition to your face shape, you should also consider your hair length before cutting bangs. Not every bang suits a long mane. A nice transition is formed by a slightly longer fringe that reaches below the eyebrows. A nice variant is a stepped course on the sides so that the longer hair slowly lined up again with the main hair.
Also a variant: the oblique pony. Above all, if you have a favorite side for your parting, it is advisable to wear the bangs at an angle as well. While it starts out shorter on one side of the face, it gets longer towards the other side and again creates a nice transition into the long mane.

Exciting asymmetry

If you dare, you can also become a little more extreme. Asymmetric cuts have been very trendy for a number of years! Whether you go long from the front to the back or even opt for an undercut or sidecut: long hair is also ideal for larger changes without having to forego the mane. The great thing about undercuts: They add character and can still be hidden with the top coat at any time.

Exciting asymmetry | Long Hairstyles: Fast and Trendy Styles
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Style long hair yourself

If you want more variety in your everyday look, but are not a hairstylist, you don't have to despair. Luckily, there are also simple methods you can use to make your long hairstyle trendy and diverse.

Structure for long hairstyles

An effective and easy way to add vibrancy and volume to long hair is texture. Slight waves, soft curls, or even small corkscrew curls: You can change your hair structure with countless methods. In addition to the classic styling method with straightening irons or curling irons, many other options are circulating on social media.

At the forefront of trends is the natural curling method with socks. Overnight twist your strands of hair around cotton stockings - wake up the next morning with great curls. And all without harmful heat!

Structure for long hairstyles | Long Hairstyles: Fast and Trendy Styles



Also totally hip again: The crepe trend from the 90s. Even without a crepe iron, this style is easy to make yourself. After washing your hair while it is still damp, braid it into small braids before bed and untie them the next morning. The tighter and tighter you braid, the smaller the curls will be.

Crests vary

Long hair usually already looks very symmetrical and sometimes a bit boring. Add some asymmetry to your look to add a little extra pizzazz to your look. You can easily do this by wearing a side parting. A center parting looks very tidy and can sometimes come across as a bit stiff. Don't be afraid to pull the parting far to the right or left. This ensures variety in the look and is quick and easy.

Contour long hair

It's not just cuts and styles that bring character to our hairstyles - color can also achieve great effects. You don't have to color your long mane completely for this. Contouring is the keyword here! The color trend refers to the highlighting of individual hair sections and strands. Certain areas are skilfully highlighted, which gives our hairstyle depth and visually emphasizes our advantages. It is important that you consult a professional for this. This means a one-time investment - afterward, your mane will look great every day, without any complex styling.

Easy hairstyles for long hair

Would you like to style your long hair? We'll tell you which long hairstyles will be popular in 2022 and we've also brought some simple and quick styling options with us.


Hair accessories

Hair accessories are a big trend that has recently returned to the beauty world from the 90s. Especially big hair clips have done it to us again. The pieces are available everywhere for little money, in cool designs and trendy colors. And best of all: the hairstyle is done in two minutes! Brush your long hair, gather it at the nape of your neck, twist it in and clip it up at the back of your head with the clip. Simple, trendy, and pretty! Why was this hairstyle ever out?

Messy buns

Messy buns have been a staple of our hair styling routines for a number of years, and with good reason. They are quick to make, look casual and hardly need any practice. No wonder more and more variants of the bun are finding their way onto our heads. The so-called half buns are particularly popular for long hair. To do this, simply gather the upper top hair while the lower hair hangs openly down.

Braid long hair quickly

Braided hairstyles are still a popular trend. While some styling takes a lot of time and practice, luckily there are easier, quicker hairstyles out there.

A great and ready-made style, which brings excitement to our look with its asymmetry, is the side-braided plait. Simply put all your hair on one side of your neck and start braiding down the front at the nape of your neck.

A modification of the messy bun is also quick to make and totally trendy. Also, grab only the top section of hair while the rest of your hair is hanging loose. Then braid the top hair down the middle into a large braid. You can either let it hang decoratively over your open hair or put it together in a bun.

Prevent split ends with long hair

Long hair often tends to split ends. No wonder - after all, the tips are significantly older than with short hair. In addition, they are put under more strain, for example by the rubbing of the ends of the hair on our clothing, the ponytails, under bag handles, and the like.

However, long hair in particular should look healthy and strong, and nobody wants to call a few strawy, thin strands a long mane. Follow these tips to keep your long hair looking well-groomed and beautiful:

What hair length in old age?

As we age, our hair structure also changes. In fact, our body's keratin production decreases with each passing year. The result is automatically finer and lighter hair. If the head of hair loses more and more volume, wearing a long mane becomes less advantageous. Because thin, brittle hair is not well suited for long hairstyles - the look becomes fiddly, and the hair looks unkempt and damaged.

If you notice these changes in yourself, the best thing to do is to grab a pair of scissors. But don't worry, you don't need a radical short haircut right away! Star hairdresser Antony Nader recommends a nice, shoulder-length hair length. The hair is long enough to style, it adds a gentle swing to the look and flatters the face – without looking broken and unkempt.

Proper care for long hair as you age

The right care is also important with increasing age due to the decreasing keratin production. This can slow down the thinning of the hair a little, and you also provide your mane with important nutrients. Healthy hair stays strong longer!

  1. Ideally, do not wash your hair daily to protect the lengths.
  2. Never wash your hair too hot, it dries out severely.
  3. After washing, do not roughly rub the mane dry with a towel, just gently squeeze out the wet hair.
  4. Use mild shampoos that do not damage the hair structure.
  5. If you have gray or colored hair, it is best to use special color care shampoos. These are specially adapted to the needs and support the color appearance to the maximum.
  6. Post-wash conditioners and weekly hair masks are a must to give the lengths enough moisture and softness.
  7. After washing, massage a hair oil into damp lengths to promote shine and strengthen hair texture.

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