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We Will Regret These Haircuts In 10 Years


When we decide on a certain haircut, we often think that we might regret it. Unfortunately, this is the case with the following hairstyles.

The current year has many new and exciting hairstyles in store for us. In addition to fringed ponies, smooth and short bobs also conquer our hearts. But some hairstyles make our future self shudder. Especially when it comes to unusual and unusual hairstyles and hair colors, in ten years we will hear ourselves saying "Oh dear, what got into me there?" We have summarized the top 6 hairstyles for you that we will probably regret later:

1. Strict bob

This haircut does nothing for the hair nor for the face. The blunt tips don't bring a nice shape to the cut and the longer bangs on one side of the face are not very flattering and visually lengthen the face. Here it is worth giving the hair waves and texture with a few styling products and making a choppy cut out of it.

1. Strict bob | We will Regret These Haircuts in 10 Years
With some volume, this hairstyle gets more pizzazz.

2. Baby Bangs

Baby bangs are all the rage right now and stars like Emma Watson are wearing them. The extremely short fringe is still very special and not everyone likes it. Anyone who dares now and dares to reach for the scissors could regret it in ten years at the latest on old photos.

2. Baby Bangs | We will Regret These Haircuts in 10 Years
For the short bangs, it takes courage.

3. The Shag

The iconic 70s hairstyle with large curls and small highlights was already a hit back then. Now it's back in fashion, but watch out, because the dowdy-looking hairstyle quickly ends up on our list of deeds to regret.

3. The Shag | We will Regret These Haircuts in 10 Years
This hairstyle makes you old quickly.

4. Platinum Blonde

One of the hair colors that our hair will not forgive us is platinum blonde. This light blonde dries out the hair and makes it look strawy and dull. Even with good care, our hair structure will not forgive us. And neither will we ourselves in ten years! So better keep your hands off it.

4. Platinum Blonde | We will Regret These Haircuts in 10 Years
Platinum blonde destroys the hair.


5. Strong steps

Strong steps were everywhere a few years ago and really trendy. But if you choose this haircut now, you may regret it later. The steps take a long time to grow out completely and the large differences in length make us look old quickly.

5. Strong steps | We will Regret These Haircuts in 10 Years
Strong layers are quite impractical in the braid.

6. Side cut

A side cut might look cool to many at first, but it takes quite a long time to grow out. And this transition phase is difficult to style. The punk side cut is therefore one of our top six hairstyles that we will regret later.

6. Side cut | We will Regret These Haircuts in 10 Years
The side cut takes a long time to disappear.

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