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We Bought This Concealer (Which Acts Like A Beauty Filter) Because Of Tiktok


From its conditioning properties to its natural glow finish, this clean beauty concealer is just in time for summer.

We Bought This Concealer (Which Acts Like A Beauty Filter) Because of TikTok

Everyone on TikTok loves this concealer right now – and for good reason

"Why did this change my life?" Mikayla Nogueira wrote on TikTok in a review of her new favorite concealer, Saie's Hydrabeam. "I've never loved a concealer like this one," she continued. Needless to say, praising Nogueira - the current Gen Z beauty queen - is no small feat. But the "Hydrabeam" created excitement across the platform - and now I know personally what all the fuss is about.

Why the concealer is so special

Let's start with the obvious: it's not surprising that the "Hydrabeam" has become a success in just a few weeks. Over the past two years, Saie has emerged as a major contender in clean beauty, launching a range of iconic and glow-inducing products - from the Slip Tint SPF Moisturizer to the Glowy Super Gel Illuminator - that push the boundaries to blur between makeup and skincare. The latest product, a clean concealer developed using the same principle, is the most requested product ever by the community.

Why the concealer is so special | We Bought This Concealer (Which Acts Like A Beauty Filter) Because of TikTok

As Nogueira points out, the "Hydrabeam" is first and foremost exceptionally moisturizing. Ingredients such as squalene, glycerine, and tomato extract ensure a smoother, plumper complexion and let the eye area shine for longer. "If you have dry eyes... oh my god, oh my god!" Nogueira burst out enthusiastically during her review. TikTok beauty influencer Kim Spader, who is known for her 40+ beauty expertise, also praised the concealer and described it as the perfect concealer for mature skin. "It's brightening and moisturizing, everything I want for my eye area," she says.

The concealer is also ideal for mature skin

Another key component of "Hydrabeam" is the creamy, lightweight finish created by the unique whipped gel texture that instantly melts into skin upon application - even on dry patches or fine lines. I prefer to apply the product with the soft tip of the applicator, then pat it in with my fingertips and spread it out. When I do this, following the so-called face-lifting concealer hack popular on TikTok, targeting the inner and outer corners of my eyes and the corners of my lips, my face immediately comes to life - almost as if I had a beauty filter on it. However, not an extreme one, but one that lets little things like freckles shine through and makes the complexion appear smoother and softer. I also like the fact that you don't have to fix it and the powder-free finish ensures maximum luminosity - exactly what I want for the coming summer months.

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