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Trendy Hairstyles 2022: The Looks For Summer


Fresh off the runway: The 5 biggest hairstyle trends for summer 2022...

If we're looking for inspiration for new trending hairstyles, all we have to do is take a look at the runways. There, stylists create incredible hairstyles season after season. Some are super complex, others are easy to imitate. Like these five hairstyle trends:

5 trend hairstyles for summer 2022

1. Disco waves

For flowing curls in the "Studio 54" style like Fendi, the hair is twisted with a narrow curling iron. Important: avoid the approach up to the ear. Fluff and fluff up the waves with a wide-toothed comb. How do the models on the runway wear straight, overly long bangs or (to the center parting) turn the front part to the side and backward?

1. Disco waves | Trendy Hairstyles 2022: The Looks for Summer
The look on the runway at Fendi.

2. Hair towels

Plain, patterned, made of brightly colored latex or with feather trimmings: headscarves are this season's trend piece because they go well with both loose and tied hair. This is how the style à Anna Sui works: fold a square into a triangle, place it at the hairline, and knot the ends at the nape of the neck. To prevent the towel from slipping, discreetly fix the fabric in your hair with bobby pins.

2. Hair towels | Trendy Hairstyles 2022: The Looks for Summer
The trend looks at Anna Sui.

3. Gel hair

Also celebrated at Fashion Weeks, e.g. at Missoni: Wet Look Hair, which looked as if the models had just jumped into a pool. Great: The look prevents the hair from becoming frizzy in a humid climate. To do this, mix the gel with hair oil and spread it in slightly damp hair from the roots to the tips. The amount varies depending on the length and structure. Then style your hair and let it air dry.

3. Gel hair | Trendy Hairstyles 2022: The Looks for Summer
The Missoni models wore gel hair.


4. Extra smooth hair

In addition to the "tousled hair" (brushed, but then slightly tousled), the beauty professionals backstage at the shows remembered shiny, smooth manes, e.g. at Chanel. For the daytime version, pull your hair dead straight with straightening iron, comb the middle part back and pin it in place. At Versace, there were clip-in extensions in XL. And don't skimp on the shine spray!

4. Extra smooth hair | Trendy Hairstyles 2022: The Looks for Summer
Super smooth: the runway look at Chanel.

5. Retro Bob

The chin-length bob variant with a straight contour was already popular in the nineties. With the retro wave, the hairstyle trend is also spilling back onto the catwalks. Often underestimated: is the versatility of the no-frills cut. It can be worn sleek, with a narrow headband, or, like here at Max Mara, with a beach look. For this, style loose waves and give them texture with some matte hair paste.

5. Retro Bob | Trendy Hairstyles 2022: The Looks for Summer
The retro bob is trending at Max Mara.

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