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Thin Hair: You Should Know These Styling Tips


If you have fine hair, you often want more volume for your mane. We give tips on how to style thin hair and what you should consider.

Thin Hair: You Should Know These Styling Tips

About a third of all women have thin hair. If the circumference of your braid is less than 5 cm in diameter, your hair dries very quickly and is also light, you have fine hair. Many women with fine hair want a little more volume and often don't know how to style their mane. We provide you with valuable tips.

Blow dry fine hair properly

Thin hair is more sensitive than normal or thick hair - this is due to its fine structure. So be careful when blow-drying and only set the hair dryer to the middle setting. Do not hold the hair dryer in one spot for too long and make sure there is a sufficient distance of at least 20 cm from the hair. This prevents split ends and hair breakage.

Styling tips for thin hair: create volume

Mousse: With the help of a hair dryer, more volume can be conjured up. Simply put some setting product into damp hair and then blow-dry the individual sections with a round brush. A diffuser also provides additional volume. Place the attachment on your blow dryer, add mousse to your hair and use the diffuser to press sections of hair towards your head for a few seconds. In this way, the mane gets a cool tousled look with lots of volumes.

Sprays: Specially designed sprays can also provide more volume.

Baby powder: Put some baby powder on the hairline for more volume.

Vary the parting more often: In this way, the hair roots stand up better and the hairstyle appears more voluminous.

With a curling iron or straightening iron: Before styling, remember to use heat protection so that the hair does not suffer. With a curling iron, you can easily transform your hairstyle into a wavy mane. You can also conjure up a few beach waves in your hair in no time at all with a straightening iron. How this works, you will see here:

Styling tips for thin hair: create volume | Thin Hair: You Should Know These Styling Tips


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