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Summer Hair: This Is The Fastest Hairstyle In The World


This chic hairstyle can be done in no time at all and requires no styling skills - it's also perfect for summer.

Summer Hair: This is The Fastest Hairstyle In The World
Quick, easy, and chic at the same time: This hairstyle is perfect for summer.

On warm summer days, we often don't feel like standing in the bathroom forever and turning our hair into an elaborate hairstyle or even treating it with a hot flat iron or curling iron. It has to be quick and easy - this chic summer hairstyle is perfect for that. You can do it in no time without having to have a lot of styling knowledge and can even be worn with damp hair if necessary: the wet hair bun!

Summer Hair: This is The Fastest Hairstyle In The World
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This is how the fastest hairstyle in the world succeeds

All you need for the Wet Hair Bun is a hair tie, some hair gel, and a brush. Put a little hair gel in the hair and brush it along the hairline to the tips with the brush. This tames the fine hairs around the face and gives the hair a generally wet look. Now pull all your hair back into a low ponytail and twist it into a bun. Simply secure the knot with a hair tie, use some hairspray to fix it and the hairstyle is ready!

Tip: On hot summer days simply leave out the hair gel and twist in your still-damp hair. This creates the same styling effect.

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