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Lower Lashes Are Now Making A Big Comeback


The cult series Euphoria did it and we're doing it now: Lower Lashes! Read here what defines the eyelash trend and how to apply makeup.

Lower Lashes are Now Making A Big Comeback
Lower lashes are making a big comeback.

Lower Lashes are Now Making A Big Comeback
And this is how the eyelash trend is made up!

Eyelashes 2022: Lower Lashes are now celebrating their comeback

Up is the new down! Anyone who has followed the HBO television series Euphoria closely will have spotted the eyelash trend long ago. Wondering what we're talking about? We'll enlighten you.

What are Lower Lashes?

In the past, the lower lashes were often neglected. Little or hardly any mascara was used. That will change in 2022 – thanks largely to Cassie and Maddy. The protagonists of the TV series Euphoria.

How are lower lashes made up?

In this eyelash trend, the focus is on the lower lashes. Whether false eyelashes à la Twiggy, eye-catching eyeliner, eye shadow, or playful accessories such as glued-on Swarovski stones, pearls, or sequins. Anything that pleases is allowed. If you like it more natural, you can simply apply more mascara to your lower lashes than usual. Important: You should take your time so that the lash trend is really convincing. Lower Lashes do not forgive mistakes and unclean work.

Tutorial: This is how lower lashes are made up

Applying makeup to lower lashes is not difficult. How exactly lower lashes are made up with eyeliner can be seen in this tutorial:

Tutorial: This is how lower lashes are made up | Lower Lashes are Now Making A Big Comeback




Who do Lower Lashes stand for?

Lower Lashes really suit every woman. Only with eyeliner should the natural eye shape be considered. Otherwise, it can quickly become unfavorable. Don't forget the setting spray so that nothing smudges.

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